I am Raj Nayak, Founder & Chief Working Officer of the PLP team. Being a graduate in Physics, science & its applications have always fascinated me and taught me to look for solutions—and if solutions are not available, then creating the solutions yourself, and doing that innovatively. An year of Ecommerce at IIT, Delhi further strengthened this approach “study, think, create”. After seven rigorous and exciting years with one of the best water features and fountains company of India, and with immense design, site, administrative and coordination experience, I took the leap of faith and started on my own with a small project worth just twenty thousand rupees in 2008.
A roller-coaster decade and over 500+ projects later—and with the belief “if you never try, you’ll never know”—I am proud and honoured to lead a dedicated and passionate team or rather a close knit family—of professionals and expert technicians ever ready to constantly innovate and do better by design, ready for a new challenges of creating something unique with water for you.